Mastering Internal Linking for Higher Ranking

Internal linking significantly contributes not only to achieving higher conversion rate and lowering bounce rate, but also to achieving higher page rank in the  of major search engines. Writing an article does not end in publishing it. It is just the start, so you still have to furnish a lot of aspects, and internal linking is one of them.


Internal linking in its most basic sense only means linking a particular page to the rest of a website’s contents, so that internal navigation is optimized and bounce rate is significantly reduced. Internal linking also adds credit to relevance rating, which is one of the deciding factors in ranking websites.

Here are four tips to help you master internal linking in your website.

1. List down all closely related contents in your website.
It is given that you write about different topics from a single niche, so all your contents are expected to be relevant with each other. However, there will always be more closely related contents in your website – contents that you can group for easier classification.
Every time you publish an article, list it in a worksheet and place it under a specific group it belongs to, what format of writing is used (e.g. review, rundown list, etc.), what keywords are used, what series of running topic it is under (if applicable), what important points are discussed and of course, what its URL is. This way, you can easily filter and sort posts that you can link to. You can even check topics that deserve further discussions based on the existing information you have already published and the industry updates that might apply.

Once you have categorized your contents, you can easily identify in which pages they can be linked to. It will also be easier for you to go back to closely related contents that you can use to refresh your mind instead of doing another research.

2. Place permanent navigation links on top of your post.
This is something new for many bloggers and even professional website administrators. Customarily, permanent navigation links are placed either on sidebars or footers. Many blogging platforms even favor the use of sidebars since it is a common layout that they offer. Practically, the placement of permanent navigation links on sidebars is also more convenient when you are reading a very long blog entry.
Nonetheless, according to the analysis of existing ranking performance of websites, search engines tend to rank websites and pages higher when these links are placed above the content and not on the side or below. If you notice, professional blogs and company websites already use this layout in site architecture for obvious reasons.

3. Link to a page only once.
If you have already linked to a page within your website at the beginning of your article, there is no need to put the link again at the end or anywhere else. Many amateur bloggers, for instance, link to another relevant page every time they mention a related keyword that serves as an anchor text. Imagine the horror of reading an article where all related keywords have hyperlinks, are shaded in blue or red, or have underlines.

The thing is, Google only reads the first link to a page. Thus, it is a complete waste of time to repeatedly hyperlink different words for a single URL.

4. Link to a page that has high conversion rate.
Sell what earns more. More linked-to pages rank high in search engines whether the links come from the outside or within your own website. This way, you can take advantage of the high earning capacity of a page by pushing it on top of the SERP.

Benefits of Using SEO for Your Small Business

Investing in search engine optimization strategies can benefit your company no matter how small it is. In fact, you will have the edge over the other companies who don’t want to keep up with this ongoing trend.

Below are some of the advantages of utilizing the power of search engine optimization for your small business:

1.It creates better and much friendlier website.

seoYour start-up company must focus on the users who will navigate the website. What’s good about search engine optimization is that, it improves the overall user experience by allowing users to browse through your website via related keywords and links.

2.It assists growth in finding new customers.

One main reason why you created a website is to draw in more customers and increase your target market. Putting up a website allows your small business to grow in just a few months due to the additional sales conversion coming from your website visitors.

Take note that if you follow good search engine optimization techniques, you will also get better search engine rankings that will translate to more website visits and increased sales conversion.

3.It provides opportunities for exploring new markets.

SEO campaignIf your website is able to put up a successful search engine optimization campaign, it will expose your business to other potential markets and new economies. In order for you to increase website traffic, you also have to boost your SEO strategies in social media sites and mobile platforms.

4.It guarantees better rate of sales conversion.

For instance, if your keyword-optimized website is compatible with tablets and mobile devices, you will reach more people which can eventually turn into loyal subscribers and customers.

5.It increases brand awareness.

This is one of the main advantages of appearing as a top ranked website in search engine results. Visitors will usually trust your brand if it manages to appear in first page rankings whenever they do searches than other brands who don’t have a good presence on the web.

Gone are the days where flyers and commercials are the “in” things. Nowadays, it’s essential for you to invest on search engine optimization strategies so that the website of your small business can continuously position itself at the top of search engine results. In addition, establishing brand awareness is also vital in keeping your business alive in the market competition.

6.It builds a solid fan base through newsletter and RSS feeds.

RSS feedsIn order to gain more visitors, your website should get more traffic. Allowing visitors to subscribe via newsletter and RSS feeds enables your business to increase website traffic. These two important elements are already there even before the existence of social media and up to this day, they still act as vital sources of website traffic.

In order to get a more effective fan base, work on your social media marketing strategies and come up with easier subscriptions to RSS feeds and newsletters at the same time.

7.It keeps you in-sync with the latest developments.

Search engine optimization requires a fast-changing environment. Rules and processes change quickly that’s why, it’s essential for you to keep yourself updated with all the recent changes.

To continually keep up with the latest advancements, you should hire a reputable company that offers high-quality search engine optimization services and consultation so that you will not miss out any opportunities.

8.You’ll always ahead of your competitors.

Among two businesses that sell the same product at a similar price in the same industry, who do you think will become more successful by gaining more customers – the one who has a keyword-optimized website or the one that doesn’t have a good web presence?

Keep in mind that SEO is an important investment especially if your business is small. Don’t hesitate to spend money on having a keyword-optimized website because it will definitely yield more money for your business in the long run. – Burst of Fresh SEO Strategy

There are many tips and trips written about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. However, nothing compares to leaving this aspect of your business to the experts. A highly effective SEO strategy can make or break a business and with the right persons handling this, you will have a higher probability of success. introduces you to SEO, gives you the most important thing to know about SEO, and handles your SEO needs efficiently. Its stellar track record is a solid proof of its reliability and efficiency.

SEO Sampler – What you need right where you need it

Just like any other strategy planning and implementation, it all starts with a “needs” assessment. Ask yourself, what is it that your website actually needs? Then, it is time for the “getting-to-know-you” phase. You need to understand the different kinds of SEO in order to identify which one is most suitable for your website’s needs. offers a wide array of SEO services such as the following:

•Organic Goodness.

When you say organic, most would think that it is tantamount to “natural”. Just like in food, and any other product, natural is always the best. The same goes for SEO. Natural or Organic SEO is what most website administrators strive to get. This kind of SEO needs dedication and commitment. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort. It involves different factors such as the frequency and the quality of your posted content, backlinks, and titles and tags optimization. This may take a lot of work and in some cases, may require you to give your website an overhaul.

•Home is where the Heart is.


Home is also where your business or website’s heart is. Now, maps are not just for identifying the right direction. It is also used for website optimization. This SEO service is also known as Local SEO or Maps Optimization. Aside from the free listing both online and offline, you can get a lot of benefits with Local SEO. This is a great strategy for an actual, established business. This can help bring customers to your shop. However, it also needs diligence. SEO Explode makes sure that your local SEO is efficiently implemented. It helps your business website to make it to as much local listings as possible. It also optimizes your website’s titles, tags, and contents to make sure that your pages will rank high when someone searches for a certain kind of business in your locality. Local SEO strengthens your business both online and offline, which enables you to make the best of both worlds.

•Sense of Site.

On-site SEO is a strategy designed to succeed but only if handled by experts. It needs extra attention and dedication. It is an SEO strategy with the search engines as the focus. You will write or upload content with the search engine as your target. On-site SEO is practically like a fertilizer. A website with On-site SEO is a fertile ground which maximizes the potential of your backlinks and off-site articles. Without On-site SEO, these will require more effort and would generate less traffic. The heart of On-Site SEO is the keywords. The keywords should be included in the domain, the tags, the website’s title, and the website’s description. Thing to One worry about this strategy is that you need to use the keywords in your content in just the right amount. Using it less than or more than you should will lead your strategy to go to waste.

•Link and Park.

Another lifeline of business websites is link building. This is done as you get back links. More back links mean higher search engine rank as more back links mean that numerous websites use your content as reference or find the information in your content reliable. This is virtually building your reputation online and when others come to you for information, it proves that you have high credibility. Organic link building is done manually, with actual communication with other website administrators and it takes time and effort. First, you need to find the high ranking websites within your niche. Then, you will have to contact them and wait for their response until you come down to an agreement on how the backlink building will work. This is a rather time-consuming strategy which requires effort and commitment.

•Conversion Conversation.

Talking about SEO will definitely lead to conversion which is its primary aim. When talking about conversion, it refers to finalization of sales, email subscriptions, securing donations, memberships or registrations, or whatever it is that you aim to get with your website. To achieve conversion, there are many factors which include a user-friendly navigation, content tailor-made for the target market, engaging landing pages wherein multimedia content may be incorporated, simple yet professional-looking layout and design, and a search bar to make finding information convenient for your website visitors.

•Expert Opinion.

Be an expert in your field. Share your expertise with sincerity and people will listen. When people listen, you catch their interest and you will get organic traffic.

These are just some examples of SEO services that SEO Explode offers. It is indeed, the threshold to SEO strategy success.

SEO Service – How Much Does It Cost

seoEvery business, these days, practically needs to think about utilizing an SEO service. Robust internet marketing is very important in order to survive and succeed in the online business competition. To get more about online business competition visit site. With, companies may also ask how much are they are going spend on SEO. This article explains the different payment models for search engine optimization.

1. Monthly Retainer

In the monthly retainer model, clients pay a fixed fee on a monthly basis to acquire an assortment of services agreed upon. This payment model is the most frequently used one simply because it helps yield the maximum return on investment. Monthly retainer agreements generally consist of on-site content improvements, regular analytic reports, press releases, keyword research, link building, and optimization.

Monthly retainer fees usually range from $750 to $5,000 each month. The sum that a client shells out is determined by how large their business is and how much services are presented by the SEO service agency.

2. Project Based Pricing

The project based payment model is comparable to contract solutions. What sets the two apart is that the project based model is composed of customized projects specifically designed for a certain client. Pricing may differ in accordance with the project. As an example, a local pastry shop may request an SEO service agency to assist them with their local internet promotion. The client may choose if they prefer the search engine optimization agency to be the one to set up their social networking accounts. The pastry business and the search engine optimization agency will both make a decision on the range and price of the project.

Actual cost of project based payment models actually vary widely. This is due to the fact that there is also a wide range of projects. The majority of projects, though, cost somewhere between $1,000 and $30,000.

3. Fixed Price Contract Solutions

The majority of search engine optimization agencies sell contract solutions. In most cases, a client chooses a contract solution that they would like to be accomplished before he becomes prepared to activate a monthly retainer payment model. The services offered by the SEO company are usually publicized on their website, along with their corresponding price. A typical illustration that uses this payment model is a search engine optimization website audit, which could facilitate in the determination of the present good and bad points in the client’s internet visibility and reputation, competitive analysis, and keywords that are most likely to yield positive return on investment.

It is hard to pinpoint a range of price for contract solutions at pre-set prices. Companies that are only trying to make an assessment of search engine optimization commonly opt for this payment model to be its entry point. Standard contract solutions can consist of SEO copywriting that costs $0.15 to $0.50 per word, link profile audit that costs $500 to $7,500, site content audit that costs $500 to $7,500, and social networking website setup that costs $500 to $3,000.

4. Hourly Consultation
This payment model requires the client to pay on a per hour basis in exchange for consultation services and valuable information. The majority of SEO service agencies make use of all of the above payment models. Furthermore, clients are also more likely to hire a company using multiple models. For instance, a client may decide to start a monthly retainer, invest in a contract service, and take part in a special project with the same search engine optimization agency, hence entering into 3 payment models.

Search engine optimization service consultants, whether agencies or individuals, normally charge somewhere from $100 to $300 each hour for the consultation service offered